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          Frequently Asked Question.

          Who do you manufacture products for?

          We currently manufactured products for a variety of prestigious companies, including department stores, mass marketers, health food stores, direct manufacturing companies, national brand companies, spas, resorts, and Hotels, as well as smaller start-up companies and individuals.

          What is the Minimum Order quantity?

          Our minimum order for customized products is 2000 units per product. A 50% down payment before production and the remaining 50% payment is due before shipment.

          What formulas/products can you make for me?

          We can create a wide variety of skin/bath/body/hair/personal care product formulas. Please refer to our Products page. If you have a concept for a new product let us know and we will advise if we are able to create it for you.

          Can your Research and Development make a product that I propose?

          Yes, in most cases we can. The amount of research and development required for each project is determined on a product by product basis.

          What is the cost for your Research & Development Lab to manufacture samples for me?

          Research & Development Lab sample are free with our minimum order of 2000 units for a customized product.

          Can you manufacture Organic products?

          Yes, we can manufacture organic products, but we are not USDA Certified Company.

          Do you have Non-disclosure agreements with your customers?

          Yes, we have non-disclosure agreements with most of our customers and could extend the same courtesy to you, if necessary.

          How quickly can you turn around an order?

          Initial orders: approximately eight to ten weeks from the time the formula and/or artwork is approved and from the time packaging is received. Reorders take four to six weeks.

          Can I provide my own decorated packaging?

          Yes. However, we require a sample of the packaging prior to filling, to check for compatibility with the product, compliance with Government labeling requirements and to ascertain compatibility with our production equipment.