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          Private Label

          Our simple process makes it easy for you to get started:

          1. Choose any of the products we offer for private label (custom formulas are available).
          2. Have your logo and labels created.
          3. Place your order

          Our products are formulated by team of scientists, with years of research in processing and development.The following products can be formulated and manufactured to your specification.?Private Labeling gives you the ability to sell high quality skin care products without the need to create your own formulas.

          FACIAL CARE

          • Anti Aging
          • Face Masks
          • Facial Cleansers
          • Eye Gel
          • Facial Scrubs
          • Facial Toners
          • Lightening Cream
          • Microdermabrasion
          • Face Moisturizers

          BODY CARE

          • Body Lotions
          • Body Cream
          • Body Oil
          • Body Scrubs
          • Body Wash
          • Hand Lotions
          • Hand Cream
          • Hand Wash
          • Moisturizers

          HAIR CARE

          • Hair Conditioners
          • Hair Shampoos

          BATH CARE

          • Bubble Baths
          • Bath Soaks
          • Bath Oils

          FOOT CARE

          • Foot Scrubs
          • Foot Soaks
          • Foot Lotions

          Private Label

          Millions of dollars are spent annually by consumers to purchase skin care products. Promote and market your own brands to consumers. The more your brands are recognized the greater the value. As a Salon, Spa owner, Dermatologist, and marketer you can increase the value of your business through skin care branding. This is particularly worthwhile as your clients look to you and your staff for expert advice. They respect your judgment, knowledge and trust your recommendations. Your endorsement is the most powerful influence on their skincare buying decisions. Why not start building your own valuable brand today?.

          Please contact us for the price quote:

          Tel: 866-611-9694, or Fax: 203-361-3890 to allow us take your ideas to the next level, at a competitive price.